Role of the Pitcher

Looking closely at a softball match, you will realize how important the role of the thrower is in your game. Although their good hitters score for their team, their pitcher must balance that by preventing the other team from scoring. That’s why it’s also important that you constantly drive your launchers to do it better. The more precise and varied their launches, the more difficult it will be for rival batters to hit the ball. Here are a few softball throwing exercises that will help improve your pitcher’s abilities.

Football draw

The purpose of this exercise is to teach or develop the correct release of your launcher’s ball.To make the football pitch, you let your thrower throw a medium-sized ball to a teammate. When throwing the ball, the thrower must place his fingers along the seams and the thumb on the opposite side. The ball must turn when it is thrown at the receiver. If it flickers, it means that the thrower has thrown it with the palm of his hand towards his partner.

Wrist drill

An excellent exercise for the development of wrist clips, it does its work by isolating the wrist throughout the exercise. This is done by the partners facing each other and with a separation of about 10 feet. If he is right-handed, the thrower must bend his right knee and kneel on his left knee. The throwing arm is attached to the leg while holding the ball below the knee. Then he throws the ball in the air to his partner, who catches it and does the same.

Bunts Fielding

One of the most critical situations for pitchers is when a batter hits a ball. Indeed, the hit ball is more likely to fall close to the thrower. To practice in these situations, place your thrower on the mound and a player on either 1st or 2nd base, or both. Then throw the ball towards the mound to simulate a touch. The thrower must throw the ball to first base. Allow the thrower to return to the mound and repeat the exercise. When doing this exercise, also remind your thrower to put his feet at the base where he is most likely to throw the ball.

Throw in the basics

As it is located in the middle of the field, the thrower must also practice throwing the ball to the goals. In this exercise, the thrower must be accompanied by players at each base and a batter. The batter returns the ball to the thrower, who then practices throwing the ball at each goal.

Here are different exercises to help you train your pitchers. This should be enough to keep you and your launchers busy for the next few weeks. Be sure to repeat these exercises over and over again until your pitchers are perfecting them.